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Liquid Speculoos Milk Chocolate Sauce - 13 lbs.

Sagra Inc.

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Our new  pourable Speculoos Milk chocolate dipping sauce will simplify your life while offering a great and delicious solution for topping desserts with a great Speculoos flavor.  This pourable Milk Speculoos sauce requires no heating!  Now available in our 6kg (13 lb.) tub.  Save money and time, while wowing your customers with amazing taste with the new Sagra pourable Milk Speculoos chocolate sauce.  


  • Speculoos Drizzle on Ice Cream
  • Speculoos Lollywaffles
  • Speculoos fillings
  • Speculoos creams
  • Coffee with Speculoos flavoring
  • Speculoos Ice cream and Gelato 
  • Speculoos Cake and Pastry filling



  • Bottle weight: 6 kg (13 lbs.)
  • Shelf life: appx. 24 months (under correct storage conditions)


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