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Melting and Tempering Chocolate

Sagra Inc Signature Melting / Tempering Chocolate is made specifically for chocolate dipping and coating your favorite foods. With with careful detail to flavor and aroma this chocolate achieves the best consistency for melting and tempering chocolate. Our Melting and Tempering chocolate  is a delicious chocolate made in the Belgian-Style with the finest imported cocoa beans from the lush growing areas of Africa and Venezuela. Sagra Inc Signature Chocolate is our bestselling chocolate as it offers the perfect blend of rich dark chocolate flavor with a sweet delicate finish.

Sagra Signature Melting and Tempering Chocolate Fondue works great in commercial and home use, fondue pots, baked goods and anywhere else a high quality chocolate is needed. It is preferred among many hotels, casinos, and caterers who need a chocolate that works every time and that offers superb flavor to even the most discerning of customers.